Pagestream 5.0 for MorphOS!
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    This is the beginning of a mail I got from Grasshopper LLC:

    "Spring visited for a brief moment here in the Northwoods of Wisconsin
    before winter came back for what we hope is one last time. Like the coming
    of spring, PageStream5.0 Amiga will not be denied! Many folks have asked
    how the various projects are coming along and I would like to outline where
    we stand as best as I can.

    Since completing PageStream5.0 Windows and Linux*, Deron has been
    concentrating on completing the MUI version of PageStream Amiga. A MUI
    version is currently in development for the Classic Amiga, MorphOS and now
    the AmigaOne/OS4.
    That's right, Tuesday of this week Deron received a
    current AmigaOne from the great folks at Hyperion! <You can see a picture
    of this tiny creature on our website!>

    The first native version of PageStream MorphOS PPC test program and
    libraries has been uploaded to the web site.
    We ask that those users
    download and test the program on their computers and report back to us on
    the PageStreamAmigaBeta mailing list. We expect an OS4 version to follow
    soon. For those users who prefer not to use MUI, never fear. A
    ClassAct/Reaction version of PageStream Amiga is in the works!

    As Deron reported a few weeks ago on the main PageStream Support list, work
    on the Macintosh OSX version of PageStream will begin public testing once
    the Amiga versions reach a stable point."

    Nice read, huh? It seems like Deron's focus is currently on the right spot! :-)

    For more information about this excellent killer application, visit their website:
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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    This is very good news indeed... looks like "Amigalike"
    systems are maturing with new professional software.
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    I tried to download a demo but a popup window asked me user and pass. I can't find a registration form in the site. :-?
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    There is no demo version of Pagestream for MorphOS or Amiga for that matter, you have to buy the product or check out the Windows or Linux demo, unfortunately.

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