• Just looking around
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    I wanne do some 3D RAVE programming for MOS, but where do I find the
    includes and link libs? I have the MorphsOS SDK, but I cannot find any
    thing in relation to 3D RAVE
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  • Zapek
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    From: Switzerland
    David Gerber
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  • Moderator
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    Yo Shadow.. there's also #pegasos @ ircnet these days.. welcome!
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  • Acolyte of the Butterfly
    Acolyte of the Butterfly
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    From: Spain!
    Welcome to the MOS boat Shadow.
    We hope see some demos from you soon!

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  • Cocoon
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    shadow : You should use OpenGL for 3D stuff. But there is no more SDK available for this API.

    Zapek : I can't understand how you could advice to use Rave3D because :
    - OpenGL is the official API for MorphOS
    - the web page is old, all things on are outdated : dead links, no docs, stuff for old CGFX, ... better to use Warp3D

    The page is so clean that I can't find a developer archive easily. Are you laughing at us ? You have to know we don't have time to waste ...
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  • Zapek
    Posts: 5 from 2003/2/28
    From: Switzerland
    The guy asked for rave3d so I gave him rave3d links. Now shut up and go back skiing.
    David Gerber
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  • Just looking around
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    I am running 2.4 on a MacMini. I have enabled "Enhanced display" in the 24bit 1680x1050 screenmode i am running.

    I am trying to run tokais Elephant to see the "3d layers" in all its glory but when I run it I get an error saying "3D layers engine required for transparent look. Falling back to opaque mode". And then a rather boring elephant appear.

    Do I have to do anything more than enable "Enhanced display"?!?
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  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    From: near myself
    Do you have a 1,5GHz Mac mini with 64MB VRAM? I think the "Enhanced Layers" option needs at least 64MB VRAM.
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  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    You may also use enhanched display with 32MBVRAM, but 1680x1050x24 is too big. Try to use 16Bit instead and/or a lower resolution.
    1280x1024x16 works fine here......
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  • Yokemate of Keyboards
    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    > I am running 2.4 on a MacMini.

    In case this isn't a typo, you should really upgrade to 3.4 before doing anything else.
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