G4 PowerBook batteries source?
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    Hello everyone,

    The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, but I haven't logged in here in years. I'm looking for a supplier of G4 PowerBook batteries that are of good quality, as the last battery that I purchased for my 17 inch G4 PowerBook began swelling shortly after I got it and luckily I removed it before it caused any damage. I would try to replace the battery cells myself, but I don't remember what I did with my original battery, so I don't have it to rebuild with new cells.

    I'm also downsizing, and selling all, or nearly all of my Amiga and MorphOS gear, so if anyone is interested in buying such gear and wants to see a list of what I have, contact me via my email, not a PM here, as I don't visit this, or any other Amiga/MorphOS related websites any longer. My gmail account is bbhs74, and my Earthlink.net account is amigadave.

    Hope everyone is well, safe, and happy.

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    All the 3rd parties making replacement battery have stopped doing so about 15 years ago with NOS lasting for a few years more.

    AFAIR remember 17" stayed in stock a bit longer but that won't help you much in 2024.
    I bought one back in the days and apart from always being miscalibrated (as in showing the wrong charge state both in MorphOS and OSX). Did hold for 4h when new can still do 3h so I should be o.k..

    I also have some older 1st party units that still hold some charge 30-90min that would be o.k. for a system that is powered almost all the time or could be used as a starting point for a cell change.

    Sending them to California isn't really a viable option.

    -> locally get some battery that fits, and see if you can life with it's current state or do a cell replacement.
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