Mac Mini G4 crazy fan
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    Hello MOS users,
    I need your help about fan of my Mac Mini G4 (silent upgrade version).
    When I insert the AC power cord the fan start to run at max speed without power on the Mac.
    Once I press power button both OS loads (I have a dual boot MOS + Leopard) and runs without any issue.

    The fan noise is very high and I wonder what caused this issue (maybe some HW fault?) and how can I fix the issue.
    I hope there's some trick I can do to fix it under MacOS/MOS or Open firmware.

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    For hardware checkout is best to download "Apple Service Diagnostic DVD" ( ASD ) for Mac Mini G4 and make tests with it. It is free somewhere on apple and other websites.

    other what can you do:
    - replace thermal paste between CPU and coller, check if cooler proper fixed.
    - check real CPU temperatures with MacOS or MorphOS tools
    - check if you have latest firmware
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    The fan blows without power on?? Never heard that. This seems to be a electrical issue! There is also no hint about that in Servicemanual or ASD. Check cables and connectors inside Mini. Maybe there is more to be found in Internet....
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    Amigaharry2 wrote:
    The fan blows without power on?? Never heard that.

    Well it always has the 19V (AFAIR) from the external PSU which would suggest that some power controller on the motherboard has gone bad.

    Only other thing I could see is some weird setting in OF causing this (wakeup by LAN or something like that) which should be solvable by resetting everything to factory default.

    But still the reason why I refuse to have anything with a PSU that old stay connected to mains when not in use.

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