Iris - the unsung hero :)
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    I feel like Iris could use some appreciation.

    I use this app every single day, and it works flawless. Wayfarer seems to take some of the limelight away from Iris and I wanted to just comment how great Iris is and how talented Jaca is.

    I encourage other who use Iris to send Jaca a donation.

    I just did... Your deserve it Jaca, thanks and can't wait to see more with Iris in 2024!
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    Yes, IRIS becomes better and better and is much underrated in our comunity, I think. I presume a CALENDAR-function will be added in a future release - that's a big point for me.
    What I miss, is the possibility to drag&drop mails outside of IRIS to a certain place (directory) and to put it back the same way (as outlook can do). This will help a lot in quick managing emails. At moment there is only a menue-function for importing mails (.eml , which works great with YAM or outlook, btw.), bot nothing to export in .eml-format.
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