Powerbook G4 HW Problem (probably GPU related)
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    muffie wrote:
    The old macbook pro (2009) is already the Unibody version. Keyboard is completely different. I'll try to warm the keys again and get them "kind-of" back to a shape enough to be kept in place.

    Any ideas about the right USB port?

    I have two old MacBooks with fitting keys in my basement. Unfortunately, I'm on the wrong continent :)

    As for the right USB port - some USB (daughter)boards seem to fail over time. Personally I've replaced two or three in different PowerBooks so far.
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    Kronos wrote:

    1) the module is disconnected -> duh

    And the right option was!!!!!!! DUH!!!!! :)

    to my defense, it was not the connector at the top of the MB. It was it other end, connected to the small USB daughterboard. Working now.
    Now, only the melted function keys to go.
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