Wayfarer - slow download speed compared to OWB
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    I noticed that on the same websites I get much slower DL speed compared to OWB.
    E.g. I went to https://anydesk.com/en/downloads/linux and with OWB I get ~3.5-4.5 Mb/s, while in OWB it never goes above 800 Kb/s.
    Another, even more extreme example is if you go to https://todoist.com/downloads (OWB doesn't display this page correctly but one can still DL the file) and try to DL an app for Windows 10 (65 Mb). In OWB I get 12.1 Mb/s Dl speed, in Wayfarer it never goes above 830 Kb/s. I also measured the time needed to download, just to eliminate that two browsers are actually calculating DL speed differently but OWB DL took a couple of secs while WF DL took more than minute (more like minute and a half) so there is definitely a huge difference.

    Is there smth that can be configured to improve the DL speeds in WF or is this a bug?

    My config is:
    PMAC 11,2 Quad 2.5
    Radeon X1950
    2 GB RAM
    RTL8168-based network card
    MOS 3.18
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    Can cofirm 800kB/s for OWB, but Wayfarer loads here with 1077kB/s. (https://anydesk.com/en/downloads/linux)
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