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    I'm quite new to PowerPC Macs but have both a G4 Mini (1.5) and G5 iMac iSight which could run MorphOS so some questions about how and where to install

    Can I install and boot MOS from a Firewire drive? Is it identical to booting from internal so I basically follow same guides or something else?

    Can I install TO and boot from a USB drive (HDD or Stick)? I found guide how to boot installer from USB but not sure if installing to USB is possible

    Multibooting? Any guides would be helpful - I see dual boot guides but what if I wanted MOS/OSX/Linux/OS9 (G4 only) on same HDD?

    Thanks for any info people can share.

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    The problem with USB boot is that Mac's OpenFirmware does not support USB in its Alt-key boot menu. Other than that it should work provided you use the Apple Partition Map for the disk.

    As for multi-boot, the steps are mostly the same. I'd recommend creating 3 new partitions under Linux. You will then have to finish partitioning with MorphOS booted from CD. First partition (64-128MB) needs to be set to HFS (not HFS+!) and formatted. Remaining two should be set to SFS - but all of that is in the dual boot guide.
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