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    hi there,

    after many many maaanyy hours, trail and error plus help from this community, I finally managed to get E-UAE running and some WB installed.

    There are just two things, I couldnĀ“t figure out:

    First, the trackpad of my iBook works fine (including tap-click) on MorphOS side, but the
    emulated Amiga does not register clicks on trackpad, just the ones with button are registered.

    Is there a way to get tap-click working in Amiga WB as well?

    Second things is, the "Apple-Keys" do not register as "Amiga Keys".
    In fact, they do nothing at all. CTRL, ALT and Shift are working as expected.
    Would be nice to get the Apple/Amiga key connecting running, because I like
    to use Keyboard shortcuts-

    I am not sure, if NumPad-Keys can be emulated as well (I remember some DPaint Tools, like Perspective for example) are driven by them. On A600 (so no Numpad) there is a workaround, but can't remember what it was ...

    Can I somehow emulate a numpad or assign special keys?
    Is there a keymap file for E-UAE on MorphOS somewhere, that could be tweaked?

    12" ibook G4 1.33Ghz, 1.5GB RAM, ATI 9550 32MB, 16GB SSD, WiFi, BT, ComboDrive
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