Contextual menu and eject
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    I have a problem to eject/unmount flash drive from contextual menu. Icon stays on the screen and notification not appears. No problem to eject/unmount from the screenbar. It does not matter which port I use (built in or additional card).
    Same on G4 and G5 (Morphos 3.17)
    Can anyone confirm this?

    No problem to eject CD from CM.

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    I know there is an eject context menu option for removable media, SD, CF, etc. but I've never seen the icon actually be taken off screen by the OS, as MorphOS doesn't work like Windows and MacOSX in that regard, to my knowledge, as you can just remove a removable device at will - ideally *Caution* should be exercised so you don't remove it when you are writing to it though. 8-D
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