Retronic Design USB-DB9 adaptorsfirmarware update
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    Recently, Francis released a new firmware update (3.2a) for the well know usb-db9 adaptors. Among other features, he claims that lag has been significantly reduced by changing the operation to interrupt from polling and the overall communication time at 2/3 of its original speed.

    I have updated all of my four adaptors and put them into test on competitive swos matches. Indeed the adaptor is so damn good, that we can finally consider holding national swos tournament on MorphOS :) On casual amiga gaming (say Codename: Robocod 2), the experience is 1:1 compared to classic 68k.

    However, setup wasn't that smooth (this used to be a plug 'n play adaptor) and changing "Merge with USB" to a different port on the LowLevel isn't enough. First of all, all of the adaptors appear to be bind on port 1. Is this normal, or the default is 0? Then, you have to manually edit all values on the Performed Actions which still appear on port 1 (despite setting up port "0" on LowLevel).

    Here's the usb/prefs/device I am talking about.

    Is this situation normal on Poseidon? Shouldn't changing the LowLevel Port, revert all other individual port settings too?

    I am in contact with the developer, so any info provided might come in handy :)

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