E-UAE USB (usb-stick) path is it possible to do this?
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    With E-UAE I was wondering if it is possible to specify the path of a USB-stick instead of a directory or a .hdf
    having taken a 128gb pendrive it would be convenient for me to unpack with the (windows pc via winuae) that I use the entire collections of demo-scenes.
    Always after having first divided the 128gb stick into several partitions in order to let Morphos recognize it.

    If possible what would be the command line to enter in E-UAE with Morphos to point to the USB stick?
    Thanks to everyone for any suggestion. :-)

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    Order of the Butterfly
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    Ok it seems to work fine
    this gives me direct access to the usb-stick
    where can I run the demo-scenes

    without complicating things as a shell:
    cd UMSD0:

    filesystem = rw, DEMO: UMSD0: DEMO

    in this case I used the workbench installed in the Morphos partition as a base system with:
    hardfile = read-write, 32,1,2,512, PROGDIR: Hardfiles / hd-disk39.hdf

    so that the main system is on Morphos and the collection of demo-scenes on the usb-stick in this case only pointing to the directory of the Demo-scenes without formatting it with a proprietary filesystem.

    The purpose is that so it is useless to take further steps to install a proprietary filesystem.

    only the problem of the large size of the demo-scenes remains (being gigabytes of data)
    so I will probably have to break them down into small groups so that viewing is quick when opening a directory.

    the test I did it on an 8gigabyte usb-stick.

    any suggestions are always appreciated.
    Thank you :-)

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    Be puoi fare partizioni in base alla lettera in ordine alfabetico
    So che con il filesystem ICE puoi avere partizoini da oltre 4 giga
    A parte che creando cartelle/partizioni in ordine alfabetico dubito che cosi occuperanno piu di TOT giga per partizione/cartella
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    Order of the Butterfly
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    Hello I'm glad to hear from you,
    in this case I used a fat32 usb-stick to simply access the Demo-scene folders that I placed in small groups of the demo-scene.

    The problem with working in this way comes from the fact that it is practically a very long job to do it with Morphos to decompress all the demo-scene archives.

    We are talking about over 40-50 gigabytes I don't remember well.
    Doing it with the "PC" takes little time to decompress and divide the folders quickly.
    To have them ready to use with E-UAE by inserting the usb-stick and have everything ready for E-UAE.

    The new pen supports USB 3.2 Gen1 and is very fast with the PC.
    Obviously with Morphos I can't have this speed but instead it is useful for doing everything very quickly on the PC side.
    The one I will have to use is 128 gigabytes and allows me to have all the demos on a simple USB stick.

    Moreover it is very convenient to make a backup on the "PC" side of all the demo-scenes with the image of the USB-stick so as not to redo all the work from scratch because it is very boring to have to do it all over again.

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