Youtube - more MorphOS related video is needed
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    If someone (like me) want to explore MorphOS for the first time, usually goes to Youtube these days to watch review or see some guides.
    As I can see, there are not many high quality video content regarding MorphOS. I think team should have their YT channel in order to popularize this nice platform.

    There are many PPC MAC enthusiasts who would like to continue to use their old PPC machines, and maybe they do not know about MorphOS.
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    Well, yeah. Video tutorials are nice, but come with several problems.

    1) Soaked with commercial breaks.
    2) Hard to apply changes.
    3) a lot of work to create compared to a blog post.
    4) fixed language (yeah, there are automatic subtitles, but with specific tech you need to create them manually as tech speech to text likes to go wild), while some English database can be translated using google to get a decent translation understandable in any language.

    We have:
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