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    Hello. Can anybody advice please? If i run Basilik II i always have a WARNING: Unknown VideoDriverStatus. Also can not change millions to 1000s colours. Many games do not work cos i cant change to 256 of them. My setup is Powerbook G4 2GB RAM. Any help?
    EDIT: Mac OS 8.1 and 1994 Quadra Performa 630 68020-68040.rom

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    @ Tomtom76 - Take a look at these threads on the Basilisk II topic, which may offer some insight:

    Basilisk II (2) - Thread 1
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    Nothing about Video drivers. Maybe i need do something on MorphOS side? Im newie so maybe for some advanced users my questions are silly. BTW its funny emulate Mac on Mac lol But if someone can help me i will appreciate it. Shape Shaver on my Leopard works fine anyway. Best regards :-)
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