CDTV Controller & Flirc USB Receiver
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    Really just for a bit of fun (and to see if it was possible) this week I purchased a NOS CDTV Controller from AmigaKit and a Flirc learning USB Receiver.

    I've managed to program (using the Flirc's software on a PC) the receiver so that the various buttons on the controller mimic keyboard entries and as a result I can use all the buttons to do various keyboard entries and even use the Power button coded as "Amiga/Option Q" to bring up the Shutdown/Reboot options on MorphOS.

    Also by switching between Mouse and Joystick I can code the buttons to do different things in two different modes.

    However, the one area that is slightly frustrating is trying to get the directional pad to move the mouse cursor. At the moment I have it coded to use "Amiga/Option Shift + the cursor keys" to move the cursor around on the mouse setting and without shift on the joystick setting. This works but because you have to pulse the IR all you ever get is jerky motions and on the joystick setting it takes a lot of button pushing to get anywhere.

    I can live with this, as it is merely an experiment really, however is there any other way or program that might help me control the mouse, even if its an old Amiga 68K program?
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    I use an Apple A1016 bluetooth keyboard, which will probably do most (read as more) than a CDTV controller can do, so that I can sit remotely from my MorphOS system and type/move around the desktop quite nimbly, if I'm not using my USB2 Wireless 8-button trackball remotely, using the Cmd/+Shift and cursor keys and LCmd+Alt(Option) to emulate a left-mouse-click, and RCmd+Alt(Option) to emulate a right-mouse-click, and I can use it for typing like I am doing now.

    I've got an old CDTV remote knocking about somewhere, but I'd much prefer to use my A1016 keyboard these days, unless you're trying to get it to work as a game controller, which I seem to remember the CDTV remote was never that brilliant at functioning as even when used with a CDTV if I remember correctly.

    I wish you luck in getting it to do more, and you'll probably need a bit of luck or an old software program (if one even ever existed for the CDTV remote) to get much further.

    Having said that, there is always Aminet, where I came across some CDTVTools by Andreas Falkenhahn with some mention of mouse and joymouse support, though whether it suits your needs is another thing, but may be worth browsing Aminet, if you've not already done that? :-?
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