Is this G5 PowerMac Supported??
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    I managed to pickup this G5 powermac but I'm not sure if its supported as I can’t seem to boot morphos 3.15.

    See here for the general machine specs

    Please note it DOES NOT have the nvidia gpu installed, it has an ATI 9600 XT installed instead.

    ATI Radeon 9600 XT
    Slot: Slot 1
    VRAM: 128MB
    Vendor 0x1002
    Device ID 0x4152
    Revision 0x0000

    When I try to boot the cd it doesn’t seem to do it automatically, if i boot it from the open firmware it says loading morphos and the amount of ram then the display turns off.

    Im using this command to boot (boot cd:,\mac_ppc64\boot.img bd cd0)

    (Its possible its switching to a screen mode my monitor does not support… or it may not be working)

    The machine seems to work fine in macos 10.5.8 once it boots..but it does takes ages to boot.
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    try BM param in boot command line or press two mouse button during morphos startup. It should show boot menu where you can change resolution.
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    This one should work well under MOS! ATI is OK.
    Maybe some parameters in OF environment variables are'nt set propper.

    Oh, read wrong: MOS boot.img is booting! Then do what zukow wrote.

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    I've got the same machine (since today), and swapped the original NVIDIA card with the same 9600 XT. It works like a charm. But it's MorphOS only, and I took the SSD from my G4 (and copied the G5 boot.img before swapping the SSD).
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