DemoScene in .HDF
  • Butterfly
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    Like many of you I really appreciate the "demo scenes"
    for amiga 68k thanks to Morphos with E-UAE they work very well.
    I have many collections like amigascene vol.3 of about 20gigabyte all the demos of A.D.A etc.
    But it takes some time to put them on an .hdf or to divide them by directories for E-UAE to read.

    My question is
    someone has a .hdf file with many 68k demos already unpacked and ready for sharing. ??
    In return I can put my archives on "mediafire" or something similar.

    Thanks again it would be very nice for me :-)
    Maybe someone already has a .hdf file with all the demoscenes inside and would like to share it :-)

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  • Cocoon
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    What do you mean paolo?
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  • Butterfly
    Posts: 98 from 2019/4/6
    Hi cip060,
    I have many demos but they are all compressed or every single demo has been put on a single .hdf
    in this case I would have to mount each single .hdf with winuae and copy it to a single .hdf
    or should I unpack all the demos to a single .hdf
    this takes a long time.
    Back then my query was if anyone already has a .hdf file with lots of demos in it to share.

    The archives at my disposal take a very long time to move.
    once unpacked they are 30gigabytes and I have to divide them on at least 10 .hdf because creating a single .hdf the sfs filesystem takes a long time to display and is very cumbersome to manage.

    So I was looking for someone who maybe has a .hdf archive ready to use and expand it in the future. :-)
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