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    Hello everyone.

    Although I browse these forums for what seems to be forever (I was an Amiga 1200 user back in the day), only now did I
    make an account to ask something.

    I bought a used Mac G4 MDD and I've been having a bliss setting up Morphos. The only thing i can't find how to setup and use
    (if it's even possible) are the front and back side mouse buttons. No matter which model of usb mouse i connect they don't seem to work in Morphos, neither can I find some sort of setting of that sort anywhere. Is there something that i can't find? If not, is it something that is planned in a future version? Is there even interest in that sort of thing by other users? Is there a third party program that anyone knows of that sets up side mouse buttons?

    Thanks in advance for your time.
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    -> Prefs/system/usb/Devices then double click on HID-Device and then on HID (Mouse). Now you can define mousebuttons in window "Action".
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