PowerMac G4 3,1 hanging during installation
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    PMac Sawtooth G4 AGP (3.1) is my daily MorphOS computer since almost a decade so far. It's one of the most compatible and expandable systems to experiment on. Mine is equipped with a FastMac 1.6Ghz G4 7451 CPU, 2GB Ram (max), Radeon 9800XT 256MB VRAM (flashed), Digitus ide-sata with ADATA 256GB SSD (maxes at 16Mb/s from RAM to Partition copying and about 11-12 Mb/s from SFS to SFS partition), NEC USB 2.0 and dual audio with SBLive PCI and Avantree Leaf Bluetooth, let alone the peripherals like USB to DB9 (4x), skrilex mouse, custom CoolerMaster keyboard, dual ips monitors 5:4, herculers MKII dj console, motorola bt headset, some expensive 2.1 edifier audio and much more. The onboard ethernet is compatible (maxes at 6Mb/s my local network) but the airport wifi is not so you must either use a wifi pci or an ethernet to wifi dongle. Depending on your budget it's surely worthwhile to expand it but the cpu modules are insanely expensive over the last 2-3 yrs I have been regularly checking them on ebay. Installing/updating the system with MorphOS takes about 120 secs or less (it's the sole OS on the system). Now, I am thinking to expand with a 2nd digitus and SSD combo because my main hd is now full with Amiga stuff ;)

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