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    white wrote:

    I have two PowerBooks both have the same problem with two different cards one with 128mb of ram and the other with 64mb

    and unfortunately configuring .mob1 with the latest drivers all I use demo e-uae etc. it appears on the screen of the two PowerBooks and not on the external monitor.

    If, on the other hand, I use the old drivers everything works perfectly on the external monitor and it is very nice to use it this way. (with old drivers, I also tried three different monitors the result is identical ).

    Well, yea, I finally identified (and fixed) the actual bug that caused the external display to stay black. Too bad this bug creeped into MorphOS 3.12 and all later updates ...

    At least next update can be considered the best update ever - as usual :)


    white schrieb:

    AverMedia can't capture everything, but if I don't have to capture video everything is perfect I don't encounter any problems in resolutions and any games I use or demos etc. auto-adjusts to the screen.

    As long as the actual output screen is FullHD 1080p or 720p, capturing is fine. I could probably think about a way that allows radeon h/w (up)scaling to the next physical resolution.
    This would require modes to be marked as "virtual" to redirect those to the next available physical resolution. It sort of works like that for additional modes of the internal laptop display as it is bound to a fixed physical resolution.
    I might consider that for a future update.


    as soon as you have time I would like to see videos created with AverMedia I like them very much and they help me to get to know Morphos better as well as the fact that you always learn something new,

    Well, yea, I think about that. YT/Google is a bit annoying lately with it's policy to add commercials frequently in all streams you upload there...
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    Thanks, I am very happy that you were able to identify the problem.
    Can't wait to get my hands on the new updates.
    Probably included in the next version of Morphos.
    Thanks for your work, I really appreciate it.

    As far as AverMedia is concerned, a solution like the one you proposed would be very nice.
    Finally we could make videos that demonstrate the full potential of Morphos in their completeness even of consecutive hours of recording with all the applications, little tricks etc.
    Definitely a nice advertisement for Morphos even if those who use it know what they are using :-)

    I like watching videos, sometimes they are more practical than a lot of things to read.
    Although I really enjoy reading when a topic interests me.
    But the videos quickly give you an idea of the ultimate goal you can achieve.

    Thanks again for your work. :-)
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