Problem to install MorphOS on some SSD solved ?
  • Paladin of the Pegasos
    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    i have installed a SSD 240Go Crucial on PowerMac G5 Quad but:

    if it installed alone, MorphOSCD don't start (read on CD sometimes)
    if it installed with a second harddisk with MorphOS installed on it, MorphOS launch via CD and harddisk and the SSD is reconized.
    if i install MorphOS on SSD Crucial and remove the other harddisk, MorphOS boot on Crucial and i can start on MorphOSCD too...

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks for your returns

    Bizarre, i didn't see MorphOS logo at startup ! Maybe the SSD is too speed !

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  • Jim
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    No idea, I could never get my 120GB Crucial SSD to work in my G5. I had to move back to a conventional hard drive. You've had more success than me.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    I had a similar issue with an OWC SATA 6 drive. It wasn't compatible with the Mac. Seems the PowerMac is picky with what SSD's work with it.

    I picked up a Sandisk that was recommended on the site and it works perfectly. Interestingly, I did hook the OWC Sata 6 up afterwards and use it as a data drive, and it seems to work fine.
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    Papiosaur schrieb:
    Seems i have resolved problem with some SSD not reconnized by MorphOS.

    This morning, i have installed a Kingston 120G on iMac and nothing with HD config.

    I have installed the SSD with this interface SATA 2.5/3.5 ant it reconnnized now!

    Maybe work with others SSD not reconized...

    Usually, this frames are really only some "cable extension", so nothing is really altered or improved regarding the actual connection. Better avoid promising anything which it can't fulfill in the end if you put it on sale - and there is no SATA 3.25" btw :). I use a similar frame in my PMacG5 from Sabrent

    2.5″ SSD & SATA Hard Drive to Desktop 3.5″ SATA Bay Converter Mounting Kit (BK-PCBS)

    which didn't prevent that some SSDs simply don't work with the first generation SATA controller in the PMacG5.
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