NTFS partitions on MorphOS HD
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    Is it "safe" to have also NTFS partitions on a MorphOS HD? What is the correct way to create such, if it does matter?

    HD Config can create a NTFS partitions but cannot format it due to write protection. That is not a big issue as it can be formatted with AmigaOS4.1 normally. Other choise is to create the partition from the beginning with GParted (Linux).

    Parttions created with both ways seem to work, but are there any hidden problems...?

    I need NTFS for raw file transfers (file size often several GBs) between AmigaOS and Linux, and as MOS takes very little space on disk it is practical to use the unused disk capacity for this purpose! ( FAT is not an option due to the size limit).
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    why not ext2 mounted on morphos?
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    zukow wrote:
    why not ext2 mounted on morphos?

    Yes, that would indeed allow the exchange between Linux and MOS... But AmigaOS does not have native support for EXT2, and the third-party package in Aminet is limited to 2 GB file size and you have to play with mountlists.

    On Linux side, it is much easier to use NTFS for shared partitions as they are not 'owned' by anyone! Ext partitions are, and you have to use root priviledges to mount them and save data, unless you predefine them in fstab. Which is laborous if you use/test several distros/installations,.. Also, if the parttion is removed or relabeld, you have to again edit fstab on each Linux installation you use, or your installations will be unbootable.

    But back to my original question:

    Is it safe to use NTFS partitions on disks with MorphOS RDB?
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