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    Programmers listen up, we are offering a deal of a lifetime hopefully. The Amiga, MorphOS & Vampire never got a port of the arcade classic game Satan's Hollow and that's a bummer. To rub salt into the wound the C64 did get a port, how fair and just is that?

    Lets change this injustice together and make a Satan’s Hollow inspired game.. S.H. is a relatively simple shooter like Galaga and should not be hard to code. We want to branch out into the game business and this is a simple way in we hope. We need your help and we will pay you. Simply code something inspired by Satan's Hollow to MorphOS, Amiga or Vampire V4 and we will give it away for free. That's not all though, we hope to make this game skin-able, something the arcade original never had. Which means we will sell optional add on skins (backgrounds/enemy/ships/sound collections for you guessed it $6.66 each per bundle. Don't worry about creating the add on skins, well take care of that part. If you join us and it's a great fit feel free to have first dibs on all our future game coding projects. Simple and sweet right? Contact us soon please.

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