3D support for Voodoo4 broken?
  • Caterpillar
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    Inspired by some threads here regaridig MorphOS and 3D, I just wanted to test out Warp3D compatability for some scene demos. For that I stalled my old Voodoo4 PCI in my PowerMac G4 (parallel to the Mac Radeon), booted up and configured Ambient to use the Voodoo4.
    If I start now some m68k or WOS Warp3D tests (glgears, Warptest,...), 3D graphic is completely messed up (in window or full screen mode).
    If I use a Voodoo3 card, everything looks okay (except for 24 bit mode, this is also broken/unsupported). The Voodoo4 works inside an old PC with Win98 and 3D without issues.

    Searching around I found this old thread here
    MorphZone forum link

    Maybe related to that? Does anyone have a working Voodoo4/PowerMac G4 setup?
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