Macmini 1.5 ghz and transfer app.
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    Hi all.

    First of all, merry Christmas to all of you.

    I have a problem with my macmini and the transfer app.
    When I connect my macmini to my FTP server using transfer, I get 9-10 MB/sec when downloading to ram.
    However when I'm downloading to my macmini HD I get 500K-1.5MB/sec.
    When I use RNOxfer or AmiTradecenter I get 4MB/sec when downloading to harddisk.
    Is this a bug in transfer?
    It also happens when I boot from the morphos install CD.

    Can anyone confirm this behaviour on the macmini?

    Edit: Forgot to mention downloading to harddisk is normal on my sam460 and ibook.

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