Checkmate 1500 mini - Possible Efika Fitting Kit
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    Not sure if this will interest many people, but Stephen Jones is just about to launch a new Kickstarter for his new Checkmate A1500 Mini case.

    It's strictly a Mini ITX case, but he is doing various fitting kits for the RPi4 and I think the Mister.

    I asked him on Facebook earlier if he fancied doing an Efika fitting kit, as I know he has an Efika (which I believe is Registered) and he did have it in one of his larger A1500 Plus cases at one point.

    He responded and said if he could get interest from 10 people he would do it. So I said I would put it out on here to see if there was enough interest.

    Personally speaking, I really like the mini A3000 look of the case and at the moment my Efika is in one of the metal Open Client case that it came in, so its very tempting.

    Just putting this out there to see if anybody else fancies a nice new case for their Efika.

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