Aros rom on e-uae fails
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    Over the last few months I have been experimenting into making self boot classic games. From my tests, it reduces overhead, time needed for games to start, some feature less lag while ingame (especially swos!) but most of all it "hides" the emulation from the user providing a "built-in" feeling into the system.

    Started with simple adf, went to barebones whdload, moved on to JST, hdf and finally ripped games' files directly on Ambient. Basically I ended up with all sort of options. Used many retroplay's and amiga_forever users files from EAB as my basis in the beginning. Then I updated some with newer expansion sets that have been produced over the last decade or so, included newer games (tiny bobble) etc and decorated them all with nice custom drawers.

    I have over 50 of those games which I 'd like to upload so others can enjoy them, hassle free. Something like does. However I need to get rid off the official kick.rom. My uae setup replicates an expanded 1200 for the needs of the rips. My questions:

    1) Has anyone succeeded with aros rom in relation to e-uae jit? When renaming "aros-amiga-m68k-rom.bin" to kick.rom uae's output produces some mumbo jumbo bs.

    2) In most occasions Korni's euae output says AMIGFX: 16bit, while on others (mostly in combination with adfs) it displays 24bit. Why's that? Shouldn't it force 24bit always?

    2) If aros rom fails and need to hide the rom from user, is there any native ppc solution similar to Omni?
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