Problems with new install of 3.14 on G5 7,3
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    I'm trying to do a new install of 3.14 from CD on a Powermac G5 7,3 with a Maxtor 120 GB hard drive. The drive boots Mac OS X version 10.5.8 fine. When I try to install 3.14 from CD, the hard drive is not recognized by MorphOS. It says no drives found.

    I gave up with it and disconnected the Maxtor and hooked up a Kingston SV100S2 64 gb SSD. The system sees the drive and during the install and automatic partition portion, the system hangs every time. Sometimes it will show the boot and other partition on the drive being set up, others it just shows the boot partition before it hangs. After a reboot to retry, the drive name is back to what it was before the install attempt with one partition.

    I have also tried to use the tools on the MorphOS CD in prefs to format the drives and they start out formatting but quit freeze before the drives are formatted and nothing appears changed on the drives after a reboot.

    Does anyone have any suggestions as to what to try next?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I had a similar issue on my g5/1,8GHz with MaxtorHD. This HD is too slow for MOS to be rcognized after booting kernel.
    (remember: Kernel will be booted from boot-partition by open firmware - not MOS!)

    If you boot via boot-loader-script, you may add the ED=init - command to slow down kernel a bit:

    for example.: boot hd:,\boot.img ramdebug BD=SYS_OS ED=INIT
    in that example boot-partition (HFS-filesystem) has to be first partition and name for MOS-bootpartition is SYS_OS: (or whatever you named it).
    You can try booting by typing it directly in OpenFirmware-Console - if HD is recognized - voila!

    If you boot by built in MAC-bootloader (tbxi-file) you may change following line in bootinfo.txt

    boot &device;:&partition;,\boot.img ramdebug
    boot &device;:&partition;,\boot.img ramdebug ed=init

    Don't forget to "bless" that file after saving. (shell: HFSSetMacboot bootinfo.txt)

    Or you can change HD.
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    SATA controller is picky in Powermacs. Esp. when it comes to SSDs. Format this SSD under MacOS X and check if it behaves the same way. Try a different drive. | My Rifle, My Bunny, and Me
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