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    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    I'm needing help determining the value of a couple Classic Amiga systems I am about to trade to another member here, and I don't want to rely on the (sometimes crazy) pricing found on eBay. I respect that most users here will give me a fair and objective estimate of what my Classic Amiga systems are worth, so here are the descriptions of what I might be trading.

    A2000 rev.6 motherboard
    DKB MegaChip 2MB Chip RAM w/appropriate Agnus chip installed
    GVP TekMagic 68060/50MHz accelerator w/SCSI controller & 16MB Fast RAM
    NewTek Video Toaster 4000
    NewTek Flyer
    Picasso II, or Spectrum 24bit video card w/passthrough of native Amiga RGB video
    ASDG Ethernet card
    HD Floppy drive
    CD-ROM optical drive
    4GB SCSI-2 hdd

    I thought it also had a Sunrise AD516 in it, but I must have moved that sound card to another system of mine.

    The 2nd system is an A4000D motherboard installed in a huge PC case with an extender board that allows 4 or 5 additional ISA slots, which were populated with several Video Toaster related boards, like time base corrector and such. Not sure which revision the motherboard is, but checked to make sure the battery was removed on both systems long ago. The A4000 has a WarpEngine 68040 accelerator, which I believe is clocked at 40MHz, and includes a fast SCSI-2 controller, and 128MB of Fast RAM. I have removed the Video Toaster card and all of the other Zorro, or ISA cards from this system, as I will be using them in another A4000 system of mine.

    Thanks in advance for your advice on the value of these systems. Please consider that they are located in the USA, and not the EU, which probably affects the value either up or down.
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  • Butterfly
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    I'd like to give it a try (Europe):
    (expecting everything in good working condition, no VARTA-Fluid-Of-Death and so on...
    200€ for the A2k base system rev6.2 mainboard with 2MB chip expansion incl AGNUS75
    175€ for a PicassoII or Spectrum24 GFX card
    95€ HD floppy drive with correct front bezel, no spacer
    750€ Tekmagic 060 CPU card with SCSI

    dunno how you can fit a VT4000 into an A2k video slot but i think it is worth
    80$ in U.S. and more than 150€ in Europe.

    I tried to take the age of the components into account, as well as the CPU060 is probably rev.0 or rev1.
    Some parts may have higher collective values, but in the end it is all old scrap.;-)
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  • Yokemate of Keyboards
    Yokemate of Keyboards
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    From: Lake Arrowhead...
    Thanks for your reply amifrog.

    Ha ha! I agree that it is all old scrap metal and silicon, but for some of us crazy users, these old systems still hold some value. I don't know why it is so hard to part with this particular system. I guess it is because after my first Amiga, an A1000 that I greatly expanded, my 2nd Amiga was this A2000, which I again greatly expanded. I used this system longer than any other Amiga, during those years when an Amiga was the only computer I owned. I had a 386 bridgeboard in it for a while and ran both Windows, and MacOS7 via Shapeshifter and later with an Emplant board. Those were the greatest Amiga times, IMHO.

    I found a listing for a pristine quad G5 PowerMac with free shipping from Texas to anywhere in the USA for only $350, so that plus the 79 Euro price of a new MorphOS license would be right close to $450 US dollars. I know that my A2000 system is worth a great deal more, which makes it even harder to let it go, even if the other trader gives me a small amount of cash to make up the difference. If I looked harder and longer, I could probably find a quad G5 PowerMac for even cheaper, as no one really wants them any more, unless they are a MorphOS user.

    Thanks again for your response, the prices you gave were about what I was expecting.
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    If you have some other zorro2 gfx cards i'm looking for anything for ma A4000 :)
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