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    So I’ve dusted off my Efika now and got it running after over 10 years, but it’s just made me realise that to really try out MorphOS I need something more powerful and at least more memory. Therefore I’ve started looking at PowerMac G5’s.

    Which leads to a couple of questions;

    1. What is the maximum memory you can use on G5? I’ve seen some comments of 1GB and others say 1.5GB. I just don’t want to pay more for more memory if I can’t use it.

    2. I know I need an ATI graphics card, but I’m a bit confused about the Warp3D aspect. I’m running Wipeout 2097 on my Efika at the moment and I’d really like to run all Amiga PPC games on the G5. If a card is listed as not Warp 3D does this rule things like Wipeout 2097 from running? There is a G5 for sale at the moment with a ATI 9650 256MB which looks nice but I’m just not sure about what I could run on the graphics card.

    Thanks in advance.
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    its 1.729GB so 2x1GB sticks is your max it will recognise. when mine boots it says something like 1729mb ram but I have 4gb installed.

    You can run warp3d games on a non warp3d card using Wazp3d in software so dont worry about it if its only for Wipeout. I have a g5 2.3 with a 9600P which isnt warp 3d but i run wipeout on it using wazp3d without issues (minor glitches in menu but game runs perfect). and to be honest everything else works better with the 9600 than it would do with a 9200.

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