Fan full speed after Open Firmware boot
  • Cocoon
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    I was bored today so I ripped open my iMac G5 iSight and swapped the mechanical drive for a SSD.

    Then did a OSX install followed by MorphOS. All dandy and I can boot either as I like.

    The problem I'm facing is that when I press ALT on boot to get the boot options, it obviously loads the Open Firmware boot picker and that ramps up the fans. When selecting OSX it ramps down quickly, but booting MorphOS, the fans stays there now all the time.

    Previously I only had MorphOS on the mechanical drive and the fans never spun up.

    Any ideas?

    p.s. Is there a way to make MorphOS the default boot option? I obviously don't see it in OSX's Startup Disk application.

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  • Butterfly
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    You'll probably clarify better by reading this thread.
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  • Cocoon
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    Thanks @AKiLL!

    I actually read the entire thing and picked up one post where a reset on the NVRAM did the trick to boot MorphOS by default.

    And here I am, booted directly into MorphOS with quiet fans :-)

    And now it screams even more with the SSD. Happiness.
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