MUI_MakeObject ?!!
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    Hey all!
    I've been having a play around with MUI, hoping to get proficient enough to create my own complex-ish apps in it....

    But, I've had a hard time finding documentation about some parts of it, all of the 'MUIC_' classes are documented, which is great. But having hit a brick wall when I tried to figue out how to create a button I found about MUI_MakeObject(MUIO_Button. As far as I can tell, there's no documentation about this on the net! What is the difference between the set of objects you can create with MUI_NewObject, and the set of objects you can create with MUI_MakeObject? And is there a documented button class I can create with MUI_NewObject, instead of using MUIO_Button? Is there documentation anywhere for all of the MUIO_* things I can use, and what parameters they take?

    Any help is appreciated!!!!

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    MakeObject is just a helper function that does NewObject internally. For instance MUIO_Button just does MUI_NewObject[MUIC_Text,... with a couple of predefined attributes.
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    Oh, I see...
    That clears things up, thank you!
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    Additionally, Area class handles the user input. By setting an object's MUIA_InputMode, you can make it behave like a button or like a toggle gadget. That's why MUI doesn't offer an extra button class.

    Oh it is right there in the documentation too, I spent ages reading through the class docs last night and missed this. I guess the beers didn't help. Lol.
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