Partitions show up twice in 3.12 installer?
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    Hi all,

    Please forgive me as it has been a few months since I discovered this, and I do not have screenshots to share, and am in a hurry on my way out the door.

    It seemed that when doing a fresh install of 3.12 soon after release, on two different computers (a G5 and a PowerBook G4), I saw each partition of the partition table twice in the "custom" partitioning GUI. Both hard drives would have been initially formatted & partitioned using Apple's Disk Utility before I booted into the MorphOS installer.

    On one of the computers, I went ahead and "rolled with it," and made my changes and saved, but operation of the computer in this state was not reliable. I eventually had to undo my work.

    Has anyone else noticed this? (Every partition showing up twice in the partitioning utility?) I don't believe I saw this behavior in 3.11, 3.10, or 3.9.

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