Powermac G5 issues and possible cpu swap
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    Hi guys, well a few days ago i got a couple of powermac G5's for little money.
    I still don't have an ati card for the to install morphos because they have nvidia 6800 video cards installed.

    One of them is a 2.0ghz 8 memory slot model PCI based dual g5 cpus air cooled, worked perfectly fine.

    The other one is a dual 2.7 ghz also PCI based water cooled model have the Panasonic pump.
    At first the computer could not power on or power on erratically and shut down the screen was full of graphic glitches.

    So i found out that the video card was bad (just apply some heat gun action to the gpu and this fixed it). great now i have a good display.

    Then i removed the CPUs and see that the water cooling system have been loosing coolant and have little water in the reserve.

    Lucky there's was very little corrosion in the chassis and the CPUs where fine no salt build up or leak on the motherboard or CPU modules.

    So after filling the water cooling system and assembling the computer again it worked perfectly fine for a complete day played some games tested the system etc the CPU temp was quite cool never go over 65C. The U3 chip was very hot 80c or 85c all the time not sure if is normal ?.

    Now the next time when i plugged it to the wall again the power white led turns on by itself immediately after plugin the ac cord and will not do anything when pressing the power button.
    After removing components and testing found no way to revive the computer it is stuck like this :(.

    So have here a few questions:

    What the power led always on may be if is fixable ?.

    Theirs a way to transplant the 2.7 cpu modules from my death G5 to my 2.0 ghz working G5 and how this can be done ?.

    If i can transplant the 2.7 cpus i can use the air-cooled heat sinks from the 2.0 ghz G5 ?.

    What temp U3 should be at normal operation ?.
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    I don't think it is possible to swap the 2,7 GHZ modules to a 2,0 GHz mobo and get it working. I've succesfully swapped 1,6 GHz mobo with 1,8 GHz CPU and 1,8 GHz mobo with 2,0 GHz module, but nothing more.

    I've heard that people seemed to use the air cooling with 2,7 GHz CPU modules, but I guess the thermal calibration would be broken then (loud machine) unless you'd use some non proprietary fans.

    You could try doing the PRAM reset procedure, but I don't know if that would help.
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