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    As the title suggests, can we get a "Home" button on the bottom of each forum page? It is a pain to have to scroll all the way back to the top of the page just to get back to the main Home page and look at the other forum threads I might want to read, after I am done reading the current forum thread.
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    Paladin of the Pegasos
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    I generally use an Apple A1016 Bluetooth keyboard with MorphOS (paired through the Dual-Boot process and then MacOSX is ignored and just boots to MorphOS with the pairing intact) the Apple A1016 keyboard then works nicely with MorphOS.

    I just use the Home 'arrow' (centre key below F14-F16) and that takes me directly back to the top of any page immediately with one key press. Then there's the key to the right that is Page Up, and the one below it that's Page Down, or you can use the Control+Shift+Up-Cursor key and that takes you to the top one page at a time (Alternative Page Up - or using the Down-Cursor Key - Page Down).

    Sometimes it's nice to have a 'Home' button, but then you've often got to go looking for it, if you're only half way down a page but want to go back to the top, instead the 'Home' key saves all that trouble - hope that's some help.
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