MOS update in PowerBook G4 with multiple boot
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    Some time ago I bought this PowerBook with a 1 TB SSD which boots to Ubuntu, Mac OS Tiger, Leopard and MOS 3.9.

    I want to update to MOS 3.11 but I have never tried updating a multi-boot Mac. Can someone please point to a link with instructions?
    MacMini G4 1.5GHz with MorphOS 3.9 FPGA MiST w/AmigaOS 3.9 (PFS3), FPGA Replay w/AmigaOS3.9, Amiga 1200 SCSI CD-RW, X-SURF 100 w/Rapidroad USB, External FDD with Chinon and Gotek units and Acer Aspire One ICAROS
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    Nothing special needed, boot the CD or ISO and select update.
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    I hav OX and MorphOS installed on my PowerBook. IT boots to OSX by default, which is not ideal for me, but switching between OSes is painful, as it takes a long time if I hold the Option key to change to MorphOS.

    Or could I use Startup Disks in OSX to permanently change to MorphOS?

    Any suggestions about boot managers that can boot MorphOS, Linux and OSX?
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