Problems installing 3.11 on a PowerMac G4 MDD (3,6)
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    Got some strange problems on my G4 MDD (3,6) installing MorphOS 3.11. It has got a SiL 3112 SATA controller (PCI), with a Samsung SSD 840 Pro and a Western Digital WD5000LPLX HDD connected. USB mouse and keyboard are connected via an Aten US 424 USB switch. Booting and using the MorphOS 3.11 .iso works perfectly fine. However:

    1.) As soon I copy files around on the SSD or HDD (during the install or manually), I 'lose' USB devices. Disconnecting them and plugging them back into the switch makes them working again, but they get lost againg during file operations.

    2.) Installing on the SSD with sectorsize 16384 freezes the G4 after installing 5 files (files count during the install process). Using sectorsize 8192 the install process holds on a litte longer copying about 1000 files, but still freezes the machine. Using sectorsize 4096 installing sometimes completes successfully, sometimes not.

    Are these common pitfalls on MorphOS for this system? Under Gentoo Linux (kernel 5.0.21) this system runs without glitches.
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