EWork E-Calc Version 3
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    Hi Guys,
    After a lot of work, version 3 of ECalc is now ready. ECalc is a program for the calculation and conversion of electrical measurements.
    It will be released on morphos-storage on Sunday.
      Ecalc now has a MUI GUI and calculates impedances, crossover frequencies, loops, inductance, capacitances, voltages, amperages, and circuit frequencies, and much more.

    In the next release, you will be able to create graphs, calculate and plot sinusoidal frequency curves, and convert binary, decimal, and hex values.

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    It's a good idea that you changed the MUI layout compared to the screenshot, might have failed on super small displays otherwise.


    - add an icon (lots can be found free for use)

    - a bit more of a manual might be nice

    - assume default values when hitting "calculate"

    - make "calculate" do all the results that can be determined by entered parameters

    - print calculated values in a different color compared to parameters
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  • Caterpillar
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    i will do an Output Window in the next Release for the results and fx graphics.
    Colors in Output is an Good idea.
    THe problem is that some convertings are using the same input data. I have made the check buttons to avoid wrong calculation results but i will develop that feature new.

    The ui will get also an new design and a better workflow.
    Also in the next version there will be an help assistant window with needed information for calculate the right results.

    i am creating an icon at the moment but i am not an good artist ;p Would be nice if someone can do it for me.

    I also have to do the implementation of youtube downloading and converting feature in easyload and the adding more hash types in hashc
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