Abiword being ported to MorphOS.
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    sojuniter schrieb:
    ...The sam460 or the Efika and also the users running an origin Amiga with PPC booster card or an Powermac g4 with less than 800 Mhz are needing and good word processing ....

    My guess as an Efika user is that there are very, very few Efika _only_ users out there. Same is probaly true for Peg1 and PegII/G3-600. In fact I would guess that expecting a G4/800ais fairly the lowest configuration of very most MorphOS _users_ is a rather educated guess. Considering he weaker achines was an issue before support of old Apple kit, since then it isn't.

    But all in all I think Abiword and MorphOS would provide a pretty good match, I use Abiword on my old N270 Eee and while realy not many things fly on this machine (it's cute and tiny but soooow!!!), Abiword does.

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    Any update on this? Really looking forward to a successful port.
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