Will OWB be able to run Web Skype?
  • Caterpillar
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    I have being able to chat and do all sorta of conversation with my family member using Web Skype in either chrome or firefox. I am wondering would I be able to do the same thing with MorphOS OWB? It would be superb if it can be done! That means MorphOS actually have skype as compatibility.

    Another question..if it is possible can a person install an add-on to OWB that allows video/audio conference conversation?
  • »06.09.18 - 00:06
  • ASiegel
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    From: Central Europe
    If you keep an installation of MacOS on your system, you could reboot and use that to access Skype at least (via leopard-webkit, for instance).

    For unknown reasons, Skype fails to properly connect to Microsoft's messaging servers when Odyssey is being used. Officially, Skype Web only supports the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome web browsers so cross-browser compatibility does not appear to be a priority for its developers.
  • »06.09.18 - 09:48