ATi Radeon 9600 Apple OEM performance/clocks
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    Stock clocks for Radeon9600 OEM (2xDVI): GPU 325MHz/MEM 200MHz(400MHz Effective)

    RAM chips on this card are - K4D553235F-GC2A

    This card looks way more like a reference Radeon 9600 PRO (400/300(600 Eff) using BGA chips instead TSOP.).

    Few months ago I bumped memory clocks to 300MHz (600MHz Eff), that alone gave a noticeable performance increase and as it turned out later - the most significant one.

    Recently I added a 92mm fan to this card using zipties to see how far it can go. Memory hits the barrier after reaching 300MHz, for advertised in specs 350MHz they need either different timings or higher voltage. GPU peaks somewhere after 450MHz (500MHz turned acceleration off).

    Test machine:
    Powermac7,3 G5 2x2GHz

    Q3 benchmark using morphosquake3r2

    r_primitives 2
    Graphics Settings: High Quality; 1280x1024 32bit

    timedemo 1
    demo four

    325/200 - 53 FPS
    325/300 - 69 FPS
    400/300 - 72 FPS
    450/300 - 74 FPS

    Additionally quake3 can be compiled using gcc5/6 - it gives around ~2FPS more :). | My Rifle, My Bunny, and Me
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    I have a 9600 for my MDD Mac. I did fit in the x1650 PC card, but things like MAME just show up with corrupted graphics. I actually just cut the traces and the back little piece sticking out so the Mac 9600 could fit in my MDD.
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