MorphOS on G4 1.25Ghz
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    Hello, I have a G4, 1.2Gb RAM, 1.25Ghz. It has a ATI video card, and it boots from the CD perfectly. I start the install wizzard, detects the video, network, keyboard mouse etc. I select the HD, format it and either let it automatically choose the options or force it to take the entire 9Gb HD. It copies all files to the HD. I then reboot the G4, eject the CD but it will not boot from the HD. Is there something I am missing, something else that has to be done? I want to buy this and have it working, but I cant get past this point. Thanks
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    Maybe there is some OpenFirmware setting that prevents booting from the HD. Could you see what happens if you press & hold the alt key on boot to get into Apple's boot menu. Does the HD show up there? See if it boots from that menu...

    If this is the case, then nvram reset would most likely help.

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    What does your Open Firmware say when you type a command:

    printenv boot-device

    ? What's your hard drive setup after installation (partitions, used filesystems)? You can check it in System:Tools/HDConfig.
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