Migrate MorphOS to another hardware
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    I'm soon getting my new (old) hardware and I'd like to copy the complete MorphOS system that I have in use to this new hardware.
    What would be the best way to do this?

    The old one is a PowerBook, does it still support 'target disk mode' under MorphOS?
    Then I could just copy the complete partition to the new hardware, once I installed a base MorphOS?


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    Yes. You will need to adjust links and possibly some minimal things. ValidateGG should take care of restoring default links in MorphOS SDK. You also might be interested in RAWDISK: and using partition images.
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    Remember to use the CLONE option if using the Copy command.

    And if you have SDK installed, use for example MirrorCopy to copy it. MirrorCopy handles the soft-links automatically.

    If using SFS formatted USB disk or similar, I'd copy/mirrorcopy files to it, and then run MirrorCheck to check file integrity. And repeat when it's been copied to the target system.

    I usually do it that I run MorphOS installer on a new machine to get the partition layout properly, but then I format the newly made installation and use the installation CD to copy a backup from external media to the fresh partitions.

    And yeah, RAWDISK: copy could be an interesting option.

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