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    Hey, since beworld is on fire, he just released OpenJazz on MorphOS Storage. Although I swear I played open jazz before on MorphOS before, I think that it might be the OS4 version under EMU or was another native port released?

    Anyhow, can't get the game to run in fullscreen through cli (ie openjazz jazz1 fullscreen). Is there another way to do it? Seems it doesn't have that option under resolution settings as well.

    Also, I believe that default scale should be 1x otherwise it makes extremely cpu intensive.

    What;s holding up game's music as well? It takes from the fun to have semi-mute gaming sessions (apart from the sound effects) :P
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  • Order of the Butterfly
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    yes... old but good :-)

    i can't find openjazz for morphos so i try :-)
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