FS: iBook G4 12" 1,33 GHz (A1133)
  • Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
    Priest of the Order of the Butterfly
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    I have a G4 iBook for sale (mid 2005). Specs:

    - PowerPC 7447A (G4) CPU clocked ad 1,33 GHz
    - 1,5 GB of DDR RAM (maximum for this model)
    - Radeon 9550 with 32 MB of VRAM
    - 40 GB hard drive
    - DVD-ROM/CD-RW "combo" optical drive
    - Airport and Bluetooth module installed
    - genuine Apple 45 W charger with european type plug
    - battery holds for about 2 hours.
    - currently OSX 10.5.8 installed, but I can install MorphOS 3.9 or set up a dual boot if needed.
    - it has QWERTY keyboard, but i can swap it for German QWERTZ layout if needed, as I have one in spare.

    Some photos here: https://imgur.com/a/PlRpA

    This model (much like the last PowerBooks) has a trackpad that supports multitouch, so a "two finger right mouse button" works well on MorphOS.

    I'm asking for 50 EUR plus shipping costs.
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  • Caterpillar
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    I'm interested, PM until tonight for shipping cost, ecc. Thanks
    Stile Ubuntu
    Sorry for my bad english.
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  • Order of the Butterfly
    Order of the Butterfly
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    If you haven't sold it yet also I'm interested...
    let me know
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