Really impressed with inclusion of Synergy
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    Some of you may have seen my progress from "is MorphOS" worth it, through to getting a G4 Mini up and running :)

    Really loving MorphOS so far and this post isn't much more than to say how impressed I am with how well everything works (especially after finding the post about a fix for the OWB font installer script).

    But the one thing that caught me really off guard: Synergy installed by default, client and server!

    My desk was getting a bit cluttered, so I decided to google "morph os synergy" - being a Synergy user I thought it was worth a google, but didn't imagine it would actually be available on such a (no offence intended) niche OS.

    But what do I find, not only that it's available, but that it's installed and available as part of the default install!

    Took me about 30 seconds to get it connected to the Synergy server on my PC, and then found the very intuitive WBStartup and dropped Synergy in there. Working great! Synergy starts at boot and connects automatically. My desk is now clear of clutter with a monitor each for Windows and Morph OS.

    This leads me onto two questions about how I set this up:

    1. To get it launching at startup I dragged the Synergy Client icon from its install location to WBStartup - is this right? Intuitively I'd expect a reference (symlink/shortcut) instead, but couldn't figure out if that was right or how to go about it?

    2. Is there a way to start Synergy inconified rather than open in the middle of the screen on boot. I read an IRC copy/paste about priorities? - I feel like the guys here are talking about the same thing, and are making it work, but I think the discussion expects a level of understanding of the OS that I don't currently have.

    Any help on those two questions greatly appreciated.
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    Thanks. I'll try that when I'm back to my desk.

    As for the WBStartup drawer - is dragging an application in there the right way to do it? Or is my intuition right to expect a shortcut type solution/symlink?
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    From: po-RNO

    CraigE wrote:
    As for the WBStartup drawer - is dragging an application in there the right way to do it? Or is my intuition right to expect a shortcut type solution/symlink?

    Synergy probably works from the WBStartup drawer too, but generally programs using network are better to start from the S:user-network-startup script. Programs put there will get launched only after network is up for sure. If they are placed in the WBStartup drawer, they might get launched before networking is up and that may cause problems, delays, or such.

    So, I'd put Synergy to S:user-network-startup too. You can just edit the file with a text editor and add a line for Synergy there. For example this should work:
    Run >NIL: SYS:Applications/Synergy/SynergyClient
    (The "Run" command launches it to background, ">NIL:" redirects any output to the NIL: device and it won't be shown)

    The Run command runs a program like it'd been launched from the shell, but if program is meant to be run from the icon (it has configuration options in icon tooltypes or so), you can also launch programs like this:
    WBRun SYS:Applications/Synergy/SynergyClient

    The WBRun command also changes the current directory to the application's directory, so it's good to use for programs which require some datafiles from the current directory.

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