pegasos2 for sale
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    I am selling my pegasos2 with the G4 cpumodule.
    The cpumodule is a rev: 1.1
    The mobo is a 2B3 with a 1 GB ram module.
    Also included is a radeon 9200SE with 128MB and 2 usb 2.0 cards with a working nec chip and a working scsi card (symbios logic 20810 (53c810A chip).
    I am also willing to transfer the moskey if I can find out how this works.
    I found the original manual for the peg so also included.
    I also have a psu for it but this will make the package heavy.
    Package without the psu is about 1,5 kg..without boxing/wrapping.
    The cpu module has been overclocked by the previous owner but I have removed that so it is back to original speed off 1 GHz.
    I removed this about 2 years ago peg never failed me on booting,or freezing.
    Payment can be banktransfer,paypal,cash.
    Be advised this is all getting old so no warrenty from my side.
    If however the computer fails to boot after transport return it and I will refund.
    Make me a nice offer.

    Reason for selling is I also have a G4 powerbook which is more and more used the the pegasos.
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