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    While Panoramic Elevator are one of the safest modes of transport, following these simple guidelines can help ensure the safety of passengers. It is important not only to know how to take the elevator properly, but also how to do it if the elevator becomes stagnant. For more information on these two cases, please refer to the following elevator safety tips.

    While waiting for the elevator, you have to know your destination and then press the elevator call button once so that you want to enter the direction. Note the signal when your elevator arrives. Attention may cause a fall or accident condition, standing in front of the elevator, standing on the side to leave the passengers. If the arrival of the elevator is full, wait for the next car, do not try to manipulate or stop closing. In the event of a fire or other situation that may cause disruption of power services, please take the stairs.

    When boarding the elevator, keep the clothes and carry away from the elevator door. Firmly grasp the children and pets. When the car arrives, the passengers closest to the door should move first. If you need to open the door, press and hold the "door open" button, or ask someone to press the button, do not try to stop closing, waiting for the next elevator. After the elevator, press the floor button you want to reach quickly and move to the back of the car to make room for other passengers.

    If you have a handrail, remember to hold the handrail, if you can, stand on the elevator wall, pay attention to the floor instructions and announcements. If the door does not open when the elevator stops, press the DOOR OPEN button.

    When you leave the elevator, leave immediately. Do not wait for someone behind you. When you exit, do not push people before you.

    In the case of an elevator emergency, if the elevator should stop between the floors, do not panic, the Elevator China has a lot of air. Never climb out of the stall elevator, use the ALARM or HELP button, call or call the radio to help. Most importantly, wait for help to reach, do not try to leave the elevator without normal stop.

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