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    In my view, Cando v3 was the best program ever written for the Amiga, since it allowed anyone to develop programs for that platform in an intuitive way. I consider CanDo superior to Visual Basic. Thus I think a port of Cando to Morphos is really worthwhile.

    I tried to install Cando from the adf files. After doing the required assigns, I tried to run CanDo but it baulks when loading the anims and crashes out. I wonder if it is a hardware problem, associated with the original Amiga custom chips. I also suspect there mght be a problem in opening new screens.

    Has anyone tried to install CanDo, and if so what are your experiences?
  • »17.04.17 - 02:25
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    Even if it works. It was discontinued quite a while ago. I saw some internals of CanDo about 15 years ago and it already was outdated even then and was only improved/bugfixed by shell commands and other stuff done by users.

    I may be wrong here, but it is as dead as a horse can be and there is no real future as many (if not all) parts are written in assembler, so it will not survive a future NG swap anyway.

    Better stick with something modern like Hollywood if you search for something easy. It is native, still very well supported and even multi platform, as you can create software for platforms like OSX, Windows and many more without any additional work.
  • »17.04.17 - 09:41