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    I just tried Open Titus from MorphOS Storage: game looks neat (perhaps even better than the original on the Amiga) and plays extremey smooth but when switching to fullscreen game screen goes at the top left corner and the rest is black.
    It would be nice if custom window size could be selected (on 1024x768 window mode looks very small) but what's really needed is joystic support. Is it possible anything of the above to get fixed?
    As a future port request, I would like Bruno to give Cannonball a go :)

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    Order of the Butterfly
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    You need a 320x200 screenmode. Amiga version is much better. DOS version (and OpenTitus) has horrible screen scrolling. | My Rifle, My Bunny, and Me
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    in deed, it's just a port....
    i just add fullscreen in menu select (press f)

    in code, joystick isnt supported....
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